Hemp 'CBD' Oil': Be a Wise Consumer


Isn't there always a new Internet Craze" coming along? It seems like it, and one of the popular ones, now, is "Hemp Oil", spurred on by Dr. Sanjay Gupta's news stories: "Weed" & "Weed2", the Rick Simpson movie "Run From the Cure" and so on. But, the craze is also fed by a bunch of bogus info spread by mislead/uninformed, people or by greedy or  unscrupulous manufacturers or vendors of the oil. These purveyors would have you believe that they are better than "Big Pharma" but, in fact, they may be worse. This really offends us, so Green Source is about to offer an unbeatable CBD product line, at unbeatable pricing. Plus, we want you, the customer or dispensary to be better informed with the best info about CBD Oil as a product & a medicine. So, we've provided some honest answers to common concerns here & elsewhere on this site:

Is CBD Oil Legal in all 50 states?

The Short Answer is:  NO!!!  Numerous online sellers of CBD Oil have begun claiming "it's now legal in all 50 states." Our short, "sweet" response is: "BULLSHIT!" These sellers are either ignorant, copying someone else's claim or intentionally misleading you. Their claims are based on two main points: First, they take part of the law out of context. That part of the law legalizes the import of certain finished products, that are made from industrial hemp and low in THC. Second, they are depending upon the US governments new policy to "give some slack" to licensed dispensories, & their doctor-approved clients, in medical marijuana states. What's wrong with that? Plenty! The law still considers ALL cannabis "phytocannabinoids" (whether they would get you high or not) illegal to buy, sell or possess.The real truth is that, at the Federal level, the government does not distinguish between CBD & THC. It doesn't matter if they are imported, derived from industrial hemp, acquired for free, low in THC, etc. 

The law also prohibits all hemp derived products intended for human consumption, except those on a very "short list": Sterile hemp seeds products derived from them, like hemp seed oil. That's all! In addition, new policy of the Federal government does not legalize anything more than previously. They're just backing off their prior "jack-boot" policy toward dispensaries...for now! But they can change their minds tomorrow. And, you have no security from the law, if you buy CBD Oil online from a non-dispensary, or if you are in a non-MM state with no appropriate doctor authorization. Lastly, don't get swayed that a 2004 9th circuit court decision legalizes low THC products. At best, it is only controlling in its own district and is subject to Federal law. The truth is, the law concerning consumable hemp is not different than it had been. 

BEWARE of inaccurate, even dangerous claims of purveyors of suspect products!

What is Hemp Oil? For our purposes, it is the same as "CBD OIL"...an extract of cannabis plants that is high in certain compounds called "cannabinoids", but low in the main "psychoactive" one known as THC. Unfortunately, one company's hemp oil may be good and another company may sell "garbage". And, there are other company's selling hemp seed oil use misleading language so that you think you are buying CBD oil at a great price. But, hemp seed oil, while nutritious, is not "medicine". It's, basically, just a type of veggie oil. 

Can Hemp Oil cure _____? The honest answer is "yes", "no" or "We're not sure". There's a lot of anecdotal evidence and we believe you should have the right to try it, especially if conventional medicine as let you down. But, a lot of study need s to be done, yet, to verify miraculous claims. The point is that anyone claiming that such & such is proven, is "BS-ing" you. In general, most claims remain anecdotal. It's like claiming that the sun came up because you woke up...rather than the reverse.

What am I buying, What should I be paying, How much should I take? We'll cover this, in more detail, elswshere. But, the short answer to that question is that ALL CBD products that we have investigated are either weak, poorly prepared or overpriced...or "all of the above".  What bothers us most is that the apparently inexpensive products are also so week that they are worthless at any price. Would you buy a bottle of over-the counter cough medicine, for $20, if the seller claimed that 1 drop would cure pneumonia? Of course not! But, that's about how effective a $40 bottles of CBD Oil, containing 100mg of CBD in a full ounce of hemp seed oil will be...when the seller's suggest dose is 1 mg of CBD. If you took the generally suggested minimum dose of CBD by using that product, twice a day, that cheap medicine would be gone in less that 2 days. How's that for "affordable"? Yes, there are other higher strength products available online. But, as we said, they are ALL either overpriced or poorly prepared. In another report, we'll give suggestions for identifying poor products.

More Details About Green Source Organics

Green Source CBD Hemp Oil Products:

Manufacture: No chance of residual solvents because it is extracted using CO2 Super Critical Fluid (SCFE) method, that employs no solvents in the first place: No Ethanol, Naptha, Ether, Butane or Propane. None! Because our product is not "overcooked" and doesn't contain huge quantities of useless chlorophyll, the pure extract is a true "honey oil", not a black, goopy, tarlike substance of unknown purity & strength.

Unconfusing Products: We don't have to confuse you with dozens of options. Only 6 products, carefully designed, provide you with to a variety of strengths and methods of taking the formulations: By mouth, by "vaping" or topically. 

Packaging: Our product comes in light-shield Green, Blue or Amber bottles. The bottle colors identify the stregths: Green (15%) Blue (25%) Amber ("vaping" honey oil or topical spray). We feel that the common syringe type containers are not appropriate. They can be sloppy & unsanitary for storage. They are not all that effective for dosing, when you are measuring by drops. So, we supply our oral product in dropper bottels, with a cap when appropriate. But, we also provide you with your choice of a separate graduated impact-resistant dropper of 1ml syringe. for those who want to dose themselves that way. 

Unbeatable Pricing: Though our smallest retail packaging starts at a retail price of $149, it still provides 2 doses (real doses!) for about 1 full month. We're talking about CBD strengths of 15-25% or more (except for the 10% spray). We want you to have a chance for good results, so we don't sell you a 1 oz bottle of veggie oil at a ridiculously high price. 

Summary: We know your dispensary won't stock Green Source unless there can  profit also. So, even with our unbeatable pricing, we've got great rewards for them too. What more can you ask for? Have your dispensary  request our products now!