Green Source Organics


In planning for over 7 years,  Green Source Organics' concept is for a community-involved "green", organic chemical, food, feed & conusmer product manufacturing facility for southern New Jersey...the most densely populated US state...where family farms still exist in a desparate struggle to avoid being overrun by the pressures of encroaching development.

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Green Source Organics' goal is to form symbiotic relationships with our local community and other regional areas, neglected in our fast-paced world, that can benefit from revitalization & diversification, to improve our physical environment and encourage "green" economies.  

Green Source Organics is designed to be financially and environmentally productive while maintaining a sense of community in areas that are often ignored by, or even  unknown by, many of our northerly or westerly neighbors.

More Details About Green Source Organics

Our Southern Initiatives division, together with our efforts in Southern NJ, will focus on partering with the south-eastern US, the Carribean Basin & immediately surrounding continental areas, and Asian farms.  These are regions that can  benefit from a new vision of revitalization of lands and seas to higher economic potentials.   The solar energy potential in these areas is to great to ignore, even if the capture media we will focus on are plants and water, as opposed to traditional solar power. 

Just as some of the chemical technologies that we will utilize are very new, so are the crop and product possibilities being debated as agri-technologies develop.   But those that will be chosen will be aimed at replenishing, rather than putting more pressures on, limited or dwindling natural resources.

Product/Service Goals

Organic Chemicals derived from wastes/byproducts of BioFuel manufacturing: Propylene Glycol, Acetol & polyol monomers, DHA, epichlorohydrin, ethanol.

Feeds, Food Additives and suplements from oils, seedcake & waste glycerin: Protein-rich animal & fish  feed; Omega-3 oils; oils for human consumption

Foods Division will join  farming & aquaculture operations with R&D: algal cultures and feeds

Consumer/health  products from re-vitalization & diversification of  farms and farmland in connection with oil feedstock production and other plants/crops.