Industrial Hemp Products & "Hemp 'CBD' Oil"


In anticipation of changes to the laws controlling the growing of Industrial Hemp, Green Source is investigating what part a revitalized US hemp industry can play in similarly revitalizing farming "looking for a crop", as well as it's potential as medicine. Industry hemp is not marijuana, though it's a similar species. The industrial variety has been bred to minimize psychoactive components in the plant...emphasizing fiber instead... while still containing other healthful compounds.


CAUTION!!! Because of a flurry of recent stories about miracle Hemp Oil, a number of sources have begun selling the product. What's wrong with that? Plenty! First of all, many of the sellers are selling products made using home techniques that result is a black tarry substance, when it should be clear golden like honey. Others sell very dilute products, at exhorbitant prices. One seller's product, for example, has little more of the active ingredient in an entire bottle than should be taken in one dose.  Users taking a normal-sized dose, of these products, are certain to conclude that the product is  worthless. Other sellers "play" on the confusion between Hemp "CBD" oil and Hemp Seed Oil. The latter is certainly a healthful cooking-type oil. But it has no more value, as a medicine, than most vegetable oil. Lastly, many sellers claim medical hemp oil is legal because it is low in THC, derived from industrial hemp & imported. That is NOT true: The US government does not distinguish between CBD & THC. At the federal level, it's all illegal. Click above before buying a worthless product in an illegal manner!

THC is a powerful medical compound in marijuana. But, it presents legal issues because it is also the psychoactive part of cannabis. Industrial hemp is low in THC, but still contains recoverable quantities of many other natural cannabinoid compounds, particularly cannabidiol (CBD). This is valuable, especially since these compounds can be extracted from the side-stream waste of industrial hemp grown for fiber. "Treasures from trash!" 

Research & anecdotal evidence is pointing to the potential of cannabinoids to stop pain, increase appetites, minimize seizures, help MS patients & even kill cancer cells.  For over 70 years, the US government has insisted that there is no medical benefit to hemp/marijuana. But, now, even "Uncle Sam" has finally acknowledged that there are legitimate medical uses for cannabis. But, they have not yet reclassified it out from the group of the most dangerous drugs, like heroin. 

We believe this will change as more & more scientific studies legitimize the use of hemp's cannabinoids as medicine. In the meantime Green Source intends to be a trusted source of this valuable product, "trumping" those who are selling weak, impure &/or expensive versions of CBD products...all without forcing users to break the law.

More Details About Green Source Organics

Hemp Oil from Green Source?

Because of what we percieve as a growing need, as well as the potential fraud via the sale of "bogus" products, Green Souce sees a great potential to provide a good product at a very competitive price. In that regard, Green Source is working to establish itself as a purveyor of a trustworth medicinal Hemp Oil. This version of a natural medicine will be of good strength, while available at a reasonable price lower than available anywhere else. 

In connection with sourcing of the pure concentrate, we also expect to offer other edible cannabis product, such as hemp seed oil & protein concentrate. 

For those who prefer to ingest, rather than smoke, medical marijuana, and still save money, we invite you contact us about our products. Then ask your local licensed dispensary to contact us & to ask about our wholesale opportunity...and stock up on our CBD Oil products. They can make money while saving you money.

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