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In the southern part of New Jersey, the most densely populated US state, lie a number of counties where gentle country towns and a few small cities still share their space with family farms, forests, fresh & salt water wetlands, and the Delaware Bay & River.

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Green Source Organics is creating contacts with potential "green" bio-mass producers in our hemisphere, as well as producers of valuable farm products, in a view of forming symbiotic relationships that will help our environment as well as those economic segments that are often neglected in our fast-paced world.  

In this setting, Green Source Organics is seeking answers to the waste byproduct dilemma of the biofuel manufacturing process; developing markets for new products from the waste sidestream of current, "old" crops; and new independence & survival options for  shrinking farm economies worldwide.

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Why Green Source?

Green Source sees the "trash" of the burgeoning biofuel industry, as well as many different farming operations, as "treasure" for the manufacture of useful products and chemicals.  We also see farmers and farmland that lies fallow for lack of economic incentives as assets to protect & nourish.  This can be done by providing new sources of revenue for these segments of our community & world.